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Since I can remember, I’ve always loved to sing and express myself through music. My dad played the piano, sang with me and taught me how to harmonize when I was pretty young. Several members of his family are part of the music industry, including my uncle who performs in a four times Grammy-nominated swing band, SWR Big Band, in Germany. I had many role models growing up who inspired me to embark on my own music-making journey.

I grew up listening to a lot of folk, country and singer-songwriter music by artists including James Taylor; Peter, Paul & Mary; Dolly Parton; and John Denver. All made me fall head over heels in love with lyrics. I recognized the power of words to evoke emotion in people, and wanted desperately to do it myself. In fourth grade after picking up a copy of Taylor Swift’s debut album, my songwriting journey commenced and the rest is history. In my songwriting, I love to approach universal topics from a fresh perspective, using clever lyrics to transform normal human experiences into compelling stories. 

Fun fact: I co-produce all my songs!

"The latest song from Madelyn Paquette is a vulnerable letter addressed to girls who are too hard on themselves and fail to take it easy. In each chorus, her beautiful vocals exclaim, “Girl I promise you don’t have to try so hard to be so polished when the only thing you want to do is fall apart."

- Jena Fowler, The Nash News

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